• I am confused how Femdom Clicks system works, can you give me a detailed explanation? We have established female domination sites network currently counting more than 40 femdom websites. All sites are based on WordPress CMS because of best search engine optimization structure and easy and fast update. On our network page, you can see a list of sites where your ads will be served. For a better understanding, click here to see PDF file with the system algorithm. If you need additional info please use the contact form on the top menu.
      • I think I still need more info about Femdom Clicks? There are system showcase and tutorial available in PDF file. To download, click here.
      • What click tracking software are you using? The complete system is based on Revive Ad Server previously known as Open X.
      • What are sources of traffic I am buying? Our traffic is already filtered high-quality female domination traffic. We are not talking about skimmed, TGP or any similar low quality and absolutely non-productive traffic you can find in other places. The average conversion ratio for our traffic is 1:970 and it is stable for years. (it depends on the quality of your site and card processor, but some sponsors are converting 1:200 !). We are using Nifty Stats to have precise data about conversion ratios back from 2007. On our network page, you can see samples of traffic origin tracked by google analytics. (for every site in system) where you can see that some sites have more than 80% of SE traffic, while average overall SE traffic is around 65%. Rest of traffic is also high-quality female domination since it is coming from femdom link trades and small percent from social networks. For details, visit our network page.


    • What Payment methods do you accept? We accept Paxum, First Choice Pay, Western Union, Paypal and wire transfers (for larger orders).
    • Do you offer to consult before deciding what package is best for me? Yes
    • If everything is so good why you don’t simply use this traffic for affiliate site promotion? Yes, we do, and this is just bonus option for us where money is used to maintain and improve the network.Our network is big and it takes time and money to develop it. Money earned is invested in network growth and speeding up things.
    • Why there is the minimum order for packages? As you probably already noticed there are different periods when sales (conversions) go down or up. On the larger amount of clicks, those differences are leveled and from our traffic tracking, we know that it is necessary that sample is big enough so you can see real results.
    • Where my banners will be placed with packages that require banners (PPC, CPI, Time Defined Banner…)? Click on banners below. There you will see basic ad spots where banners will be served. Banners spots are called zones and there are three zones available in this moment. Most of our search engine traffic is coming to dozen different pages (not on the main page of the site) so once set, your banner will be served on thousands of pages in the network that are collecting traffic for different femdom keyphrases and keywords.zonesthumb